(PLAYERS BORN 2010-2006)


The Comets Academy's mission is to provide an environment focused on individual player development for 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U and 12U age groups, with the facilities and specific coaching guidance that will challenge, encourage, and allow players to make the transition to Classic Soccer age groups.

  • The Comets Academy is a transition from the small sided soccer as mandated by US Soccer, and the competitive full sided game.
  • The Comets Academy is intended to put young players in an environment where they can be challenged at a higher level than recreational level, receive consistent quality instruction, and participate with players of similar dedication levels.
  • Games are used as fun ways to increase skill.  While players learn to compete, the end result of games is less important than the development of players during the game.
  • Good athletes will likely play many sports as they determine what sport they will want to focus on. One of our goals is to provide an environment that keeps the best athletes interested in soccer, even if it is not their sole sport.
  • It is important to increase the size of the player pool and establish a strong foundation over the Comets Academy years.
  • Many parents will be anxious to get to higher levels of competitiveness, the Comets Academy will assist in that transition while continuing to create a fun, challenging, and competitive environment.