Our Center of Excellence Summer Training Programs are designed for Comets players who are seeking high-level technical, tactical, and physical training.

These training sessions will allow players  the opportunity to refine existing skills and develop technically through close interaction with professional trainers, instructional demonstrations, technical training, skill contests and fast footwork training, all within a fun, productive, and challenging environment. 

All training sessions will include:

  • Speed and Agility
  • Goal Keeper Training
  • Finishing and Ball Striking
  • Intermediate Technical Training

Training sessions are offered every Friday throughout the spring season in order not to conflict with players regular training sessions. Players will be grouped based on age level, experience, and level of development. Our goal is to create a competitive environment that is the most conducive to the player's development, no matter the age. Sessions are open to all Arkansas Comets Academy Players. All Training will be conducted at Brunner and Lay, Arkansas Comets training facility.

What: Additional Training Programs
Where: Brunner & Lay
When: Every Friday During Spring Season
Time: 5:15pm - 6:30pm
Who: All Arkansas Comets Academy Program Players

Speed and Agility

Our Speed and Agility training program incorporates soccer skills with speed and agility training and is a great opportunity for your child to get ahead of other players and reach the next level of play. Speed and agility is an important component in developing well-rounded players. Quick first steps, getting first to the ball and changing directions faster than the opponent are all important elements in the modern game of soccer and are just some of the topics we cover in our Speed & Agility training sessions.

Goal Keeper Training

Here at Arkansas Comets we believe that goalkeeping training is important for our goalkeepers. The Goalkeeper position requires training that must be specific to the skills required for every goalkeeper. During our Goalkeeper Training sessions, goalkeepers will focus on specific physical, mental tactical and technical elements of the position, including crosses, footwork, diving, distribution, angle play, playing behind various defensive formations and more. 

Finishing and Ball Striking

Our Finishing and Ball Striking program is a unique training program which focuses on one of the most exciting and important aspects in the game of soccer - SCORING GOALS! This training program will focus on all the key skills required to be a top goal scorer and will help players improve their finishing ability in all different situations. Our finishing and Ball Striking program is not just for strikers but for all players who want to improve their goal scoring ability. Each session players will spend time focusing on different aspects of shooting and finishing, with players being constantly challenged in a variety of situations in and around the penalty area.

Intermediate Technical Training

Technical skills development is the most critical aspect of training in the youth game. Expect to get many touches on the ball with all different surfaces of both feet. Play in small sided games. Work on passing short and long, 1v1, 2v2 moves, guiding the ball, decision making, and more!